Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I'm a horrible blogger

It's been 25 days since my last update. I apologize to the 3 people who read this. Once again I will blog on practically nothing and everything aimlessly.

Well, as usual I've been putting off exercising. I perform the stretches, I play very exaggeratedly and powerfully in Wii Sports, but I can not play DDR, the backbone of my exercise regimen.

Before I made it something I had to do I loved playing DDR, it was something no one and no thing could stop me from doing. Even when my legs and feet ached badly from a hard day outside of my room, defying my hikikomori ways I would still play either DDRMAX 2 or SuperNOVA.

I weigh 347 lbs now, that has jumped between 355 and and 344 this month. I gained a lot of weight my first week on the "program", then started to work it off. The thing is this exciting for a fat guy like me. The numbers go down and I start to see subtle changes on the shape of my body. My chest is uneven now. It used to be all fat, but the right side is deflating now. My face is getting noticeably thinner and my left hand has loosened up a bit.

With the help of a magical lotion called "Cocoa Butter", my many visible scars of the past are beginning to fade away, the lighter ones are all but invisible now. They all still look like dead roaches, but soon even that look will fade.

My semester ends this week. The constant stress I've been under, and resentment I've been feeling will finally fade. I feel like this near the end of every semester. I resent people who aren't going through this right now and I stress out over finals and whatever project I've managed to hold off til the last minute.

This semester it's an entire database that should be capable of finding students based on their name, id number, and phone number. It also needs to be able to show each students schedule. So far it's been a simple project, but the schedules have proved to be difficult. It's only because I missed a simple technique in the class that I should be able to perform in Oracle. I'm going over it now, well not this minute.

I decided to take a break and blog here, and enjoy the company of the beautiful woman sitting next to me typing a paper. We speak briefly, but mainly sit in silence. I helping her at times, and she asking me about the donating process and other things. Basically nothing. I'm not a "playah" or anything like that, the few girls I've met in a lab have been very responsive, but it's as if I'm new to this every time I see a pretty face. It's as if I'm the star of an anime, I'm so fucking nervous. I've even entered a silent contest with her now. We're competing to see who can type the quickest. Yea, I do this to everyone who sits next to me and decides that they must type. I can barely hit speeds of 55-65 wpm, but I'm fast enough to beat most people. She is really pushing me. As much as I'd like to continue typing my thoughts I do have to learn the last bits of SQL and still finish my Oracle Project today.

Damn I suck... at times.

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