Saturday, April 5, 2008

I'm losing Weight

I recently donated some of my blood plasma. Part of the check-up is of course being weighed. Approximately two months ago I weighed 382 lbs, now I weigh 349.5 lbs. That's 32.5 lb difference. I havn't been doing anything too special, I improved my diet by actually eating three meals a day. Normally I'll sit around playing games, watching tv or reading a book and will ignore my hunger. I don't eat too much unhealthy food but barely eating combined with almost no exercise is what got me to where I am today.

I also walk about half a mile to the bus stop on my way to school, and another half mile when I return home. I've also increased the amount of time I play DDR since I got the best version, DDRMAX 2 again a few weeks ago. Before I had to settle for SuperNOVA which isn't a bad game, but pales horribly in comparison to DDRMAX 2.

After discovering my weight loss I've decided to make losing weight and becoming more healthy an actual goal now that I see results can actually be made. Over the past two months my friends and family have often told me that I looked like I lost weight, but I didn't believe them. I noticed minimal slimming at best and like many people, I expected to see huge changes. Excess fat doesn't just disappear overnight. You have to kick its' ass by getting your body shape.

If I lost over 30 lbs in a two month period while not focusing completely on improvement, I'm sure that my newfound focus will help me to obliterate another 50 lbs before the year is out. I'm actually hoping to do so by July 10th, but I always set my goals low and aim high so that I always crush my expectations. This will be no different.

I played DDRMAX casually at least twice a week. I'm upping that to at east 30 minutes a day in work-out mode minimum. I'll still be playing for fun also. I've moved my bed ou of my video game playing room to give me plenty of space for DDR and for Wii Sports. I love Wii Sports Bowling, I played it nearly everyday for a while, but have since taken time off from my career to become an assassin and to save Peach.

I'm coming out of retirement and bowling a few games in a fun and very exaggerated manner everyday. I'm also going to do the same with Wii Sports Tennis. I actually used to play tennis and wasn't awful, but was definitely more than an average amateur. I loved the sport even though my win/loss record was something like 30/70 when I played.

In addition to my video game exercises I will of course be do the proper stretches before starting anything, and doing a few basic exercises. Exercising is free, no money required, but I need a screen to do anything, I'm addicted to screens.

My diet is also going to improve by me adding more vegetables and meat. The most I normally eat are the ones in my cups of noodles and the pickles I chop up for my tuna. Homemade pot pie and many other dishes are going to be added to my menu. I will never be a vegan, I love milk and eggs too much. I'd practically be a vegetarian if I didn't eat tuna. I don't hate meat, I just love pasta and fruit. Chicken is as big with me as it is with many many chicken lovers, but waiting for chicken to bake or fry usually leaves it out of my diet as I favor getting my food as quickly as possible since I usually starve myself. Yea that's right. I'm so lazy I'll keep watching tv instead of throwing a pack of instant noodles in the microwave at times. As said earlier that has been changing, but not completely. I hope by taking steps to better myself that being lazy will no longer be a major habit of mine (being lazy is a virtue, but in excess it's horrible).

My dental hygiene isn't the greatest. I brush once a day and floss whenever I remember to (I have done so yet today, damn now I have to floss). I'm going to up this to brushing in the morning when I wake, and at night before I sleep. I'll also be flossing at both times, and after major meals. I definitely have a few cavities, there's nothing I can do about that right now as I don't have health insurance. instead I'm going to do what i should have done before and protect what's left of my teeth.

I will be posting pictures, but I won't make them publicly available for a while. I'm covered in healed scabs that were either picked at in life or were horrible when I got them. I will also be posting my progress every week, it'd be nice to have real records to look at that show what I've done and how I've improved (hopefully). I'm on a quest to make my manboobs smaller than the breasts most women have. I will succeed or lose horribly. I hope to have dropped a cup size by next month as I will not be outdone by Homer Simpson.

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